Delicious Hand Crafted Fermented Hot Sauces

Spicy and Satisfying

We make all kinds of hot sauces. Delicious combinations of fresh fruits and spicy peppers. Each batch is crafted with love and is an excellent addition to any meal or snack!

Our Sauces

We bravely combine traditional tastes combinations with more with new experimental flavors to create some very delicious sauces. the only question is, are you brave enough to try them?

Jalapeño and Dates

We make some great green sauces but our favorite is probably the most delicious flavor combinations we have discovered.

Blueberry and Ghost Pepper

Don’t let the color fool you, this sauce goes great on everything from stir-fry to pizza but be careful it has a kick!

Mango Habanero

Mango just happens to be one fruit that goes great with spicy. During the process the flavors of garlic and onion mix with the mango and create a party in your mouth.

Caribbean Spice

This is one of our most popular flavors with its fantastic combination of fruit and tropical spices. After you try it, you won’t want to eat food without it!

Quality Ingredients

We source the highest quality ingredients and interesting pepper varieties to ensure that our sauce tastes fresh, delicious and pure.

Juicy Tomatoes

The Secret is using the freshest ingredients, and we source some of the most delicious and ethically grown tomatoes available in our region.

Spicy Peppers

We Proudly grow our own peppers as well as source our peppers from other local farmers who are expert in growing many different varieites.

Tasty Onions

We use every variety of onion available to craft the perfect taste and sometimes they are roasted and caramelized!

Delicious Garlic

No hot sauce would work without the magic of garlic. We Also source our delicious heirloom garlic from local farms!

Fermented to Perfection

Each fermenter is full of amazing combination of quality ingredients including hot peppers and fresh fruits and after the process is finished we add our secret spices and bottle up our award winning sauces.



About Us

A spicy Inspiration

We started out making fermented hot sauces as a labor a love and a hobby. We have slowly realized how many other people enjoy a variety of flavors of hot sauce. We have a obsession with crafting deliciousness and beauty, so we started the Colorado Hot Sauce Co.

Some Like It Hot

We proudly grow many different varieties of heirloom and organic spicy peppers including Jalapeños, Habanero,  Naga Jolokia, Ghost Peppers, Cayenne, Piri Piri, Fresno, Serrano, Carolina Reaper and others!

Our Team

Chris Jeffries - Chef & Creative Director

Originally an artist from America, Jeffries has a incredible talent for flavors, textures and presentation.

Kathi Fischer - Founder and Head Chef

Originally working in the science labs of Germany, She created Award Winning recipes for sauces and made a name for herself as Chili Expert

Crackers - Supervisor

No hot sauce operation would complete without the strict supervision of a licensed professional.

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